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Match & Munch™ set includes:

2 piece puzzle – 4 piece “corners” puzzle – 4 piece “sides” puzzle - 2 piece “inner and side” puzzle

Combining several of these shapes allows you to create an infinitely large party puzzle.

To download instructions to make your own giant party puzzle sandwich click here.

The Lunch Punch cutters are BPA free and made of fully ABS FDA certified food grade plastic, which means there are no nasty toxins and they are a rigid plastic, making them basically indestructible.

The Lunch Punch is a new product invented by an Australian Mum living in Melbourne with three young kids. So if you’ve got fussy eaters who you just can’t get to eat their sandwiches, this is the perfect solution! Why not give it a try?

Note: Lunch Punch sandwich cutters will work with any size bread but are especially great for regular to large-ish bread.

Box Dimensions: 12cm x 9.5cm x 10cm.

Each Sandwich Cutter (approx.): 9.5cm x 9cm.
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