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My First Book 6 _“ Fairy Tales


Fairy tales play very special part in the growth of children, particularly toddlers and preschoolers.

Fairy tales are poetic fantasies of people and that of people and the world. Lingering in the world of fairy tales, children discover a variety of living creatures different from their own, such as beautiful and kind little mermaid princesses, clever and wise peasant women, brave princes, and sly Santa Claus, cute big stupid bears… Preschoolers envy and appreciate the characters of these fairy tales, pursue the same life experiences, feel the passion and vitality of life, explore the ideal state of life – fairy tales help building preschool’s self-identity.Themes promoting truth, kindness and beauty in fairy tales can help their establishment of correct values ​​and together with other themes develop their interests and imagination.


Like the sun, well-written fairy tales guide children to grow up on the right path. Therefore, we pay attention to the importance of fairy tales, keep pace with the times, select interesting characters and animals, to design this new issue – My First Book 6-Fairy Tales – to encourage learning through parent-child interaction in a positive and healthy environment. Fairytales have their part in children’s education of emotion management, cultivation of thinking ability, formation of values, etc. I believe this book, in the time of parent-child reading, can enhance children’s reading interest, attract their attention, improve their reading quality, and introduce real hands-on operation, which will definitely add credits to the parent-child interaction.

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