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My First Book 9 _“ Baby Shark

Baby shark

Take children to the blue underwater world to meet the cute and interesting family of sharks. Let them feel relationships between people in contact with the familiar characters from the popular nursery rhyme; practice using multiple ways to solve problems and learn communication, cooperation and compliance between people! The best kit for children in their sensitive period handling relationships.


My First Book and the pingfang-baby shark book wonderfully combine animations with reality, to make the scenes in the nursery rhyme practical games in the cloth book, which allows children to act as baby sharks and interact with other sea creatures in the games. With careful parental guidance, children will learn more about sea creatures.

The design of the cloth book is based on the images of the cute sharks and it incorporates the elements of children’s enlightenment from Montessori education and highlights the early education function of parent-child interaction. It aims to bring interaction to parent-child families.

PINKFONG Official Genuine Authorized IP Co-branded pinkfong-baby shark book.

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